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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Lighthouse Chiropractic & Wellness Center patient testimonials below and please email us or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Wellness,
Dr. Kurt Froese

Best Family Decision We Have Made

Dr. Laura is fantastic in working with my daughter. Explaining everything as we go, talking and listening to her. I know my daughter is feeling better because of treatment and her confidence in Dr. Laura. After a year of struggles this is the best family decision we have made is to come to Lighthouse Chiropractic!
-Sarah N.

Excited for the results!


Welcoming Experience!

Very welcoming and warm experience! -Nicholaus E.

Welcoming And Informative

Dr. Kurt and Dr. Laura were very welcoming and informative. They made me and my son feel at ease and clearly explained all aspects of his care plan. -John B.

Genuine Interest

Genuine interest in patients. – Johnny S.

How Chiropractic Care Has Effected My Life So Far:

  1. Sleep 8 hours Straight without Pain Waking me Up (before it was 2-3 hours)
  2. Pleasant Dreams – No Nightmares
  3. Have Been on 6 Pain Pills Daily… Now, one lasts longer, so I require LESS daily.
  4. Renewed Interest in Life – Mood More Positive
  5. Feel Stronger Emotionally – Less Feelings of Depression, R/T Pain.
  6. Able to Do MORE in any Given Day.
  7. Regular Bowel Movements.
  8. Blood Pressure Staying in Normal Limits.
  9. Looking Forward to a Better Future.
  10. Seek Out Social Interactions, Rather than Staying Secluded (Enjoy Activities with Others)

Started Care 9/14 – 71 years Old – Margaret M.

Two Thumbs Up

Yes. I always wanted to have an adjustment(s), but had intrepidations in going to a chiropractor because as far as I knew they did their adjustments in a snap, crackle and pop manner. Thanks to my daughter, I’ve come to know that all chiropractors are not the same. There isn’t any fear, that adjustments are going to cause more grief than what you came in with. Drs. Kurt and Laura are very professional and have answered any questions regarding this type of chiropractic care. It is truly a soothing experience and after seventy four years so happy to have found it. Two thumbs up, I feel great. Thank You. -Angie J.

Your road to better health starts here!

Your road to better health starts here!

Why You Started Chiropractic Care in this Office

I had problems with the way my knee surgery was working out, so we decided to try this because it was something new we’d never tried before.

Your Results So Far and How Chiropractic Care has had an Effect in Your Life So Far

Amazing!! When I first started coming here in January, I would go right from my appointments to swim practice. My swimming was incredible! My technique improved rapidly because I was breathing differently and my back was straighter. When I went to my first swim meet after I had started seeing the chiropractor, I had dramatic times drops. It was a great boost in my self-confidence after struggling the first part of our season. The more I saw the chiropractor (Dr. Froese), the better I would do in swimming. As the swim season came to the end, I made two state qualifying times in the 100 and 200 yard backstroke. I completely thank Dr. Froese for saving my swim season and teaching me so much about my body. I begged my parents to let me keep going to Dr. Froese. Luckily I can. Something about walking out of Dr. Froese’s door after an adjustment is addicting. It just feels so good.

Kristen Vermetten

Road to Recovery

Ask Dr. Froese about various options on your road to recovery!

Why You Started Chiropractic Care in this Office

Menstrual cramps, and neck and shoulder pain.

Your Results So Far and How Chiropractic Care has had an Effect in Your Life So Far

I am a 41 year old Christian woman. I was raised to give all my pains to God. I believe Got put Dr. Kurt in our path. I would like to thank my brother in-law, Scott Luca. He was so excited about his results and so excited about what Dr. Kurt could do for us that we needed to quiet this man…Okay… okay we will go to Dr. Kurt!!!

Although we were skeptical at first, my thinking was, why not? Why not try this alternative to medicine? What can it hurt? That’s just the thing, it doesn’t hurt any more!!! Everyone is familiar with the stresses of life. My stresses resulted in neck and shoulder pain, headaches and depression. I was always asking my husband to rub my neck. The blessings of my visits are amazing; even though my weight has not changed, I feel light on my feet, my neck and shoulders no longer ache and emotionally I FEEL happier.

Finally, the most exciting results. I though this pain was something I would just live with the rest of my life…. Menstrual cramps (ughh!!) have been extreme since high school. Extreme meaning, if I didn’t take 800 mg (sometimes more) of Ibuprofen the minute I knew I was going to have my period, I would be sick the rest of the day, throwing up and in bed trying not to move. I started my visits with Dr. Kurt the beginning of June. I have had 3 periods and with my 3rd period I didn’t have to take any medication. No extreme pain!!! Praise the lord!!!! Thank you Dr. Kurt!!

Erin Luca

Why You Started Chiropractic Care in this Office

After talking with Dr. Kurt at length about my past experiences with chiropractors and my short term successes, he shared with me his philosophy and the way he practiced chiropractic care. What hit home with me was that Dr. Kurt believed life and my well being revolves around a balance of mind, body and spirit.

Your Results So Far and How Chiropractic Care has had an Effect in Your Life So Far

Since my first visit over three years ago my entire life is better. I originally sought chiropractic care for a bad lower back. Prior to my first visit at Lighthouse Chiropractic my back would have its good months and bad months. I can now say I have not had any bad back months for several years.

Little did I know my search for relief of back discomfort would lead me to find something that would transform my life. This is evident in my ability to focus, the clarity of my thoughts, relationships with family and friends. Not to mention I have been sick or under the weather for a total of 2 days in the last 3 years. I have been self employed most of the time I have been under Dr. Kurt’s care, and having to provide my own health care insurance I did not have coverage for this expenditure. However when I compared the minimal cost of chiropractic care of once a week with the cost of medical Dr. co-pays and deductibles, if I became sick, chiropractic care made financial sense. Not to mention the financial growth I have experienced in my business ventures while under Dr. Kurt’s care.

When the subject of chiropractic comes up with friends and family and I am asked, what does Dr. Kurt do, all I say is that I understand enough to know that it works and for me that’s good enough.

There have been times lately when I will ask myself if I still need to continue to seek chiropractic care because I have no symptoms of pain or discomfort and things are well in my life. Then, I have the clarity of thought and all I have to do is reflect back to what things were like three years ago. I would say my view on chiropractic care has changed in the last three years from looking at it as a curative measure to a preventative measure and way of life.

I feel so fortunate of the circumstances that led me to seek care at Lighthouse Chiropractic. And to think all I was looking for relief from discomfort from my lower back.

Ed Carmody

Why You Started Chiropractic Care in this Office

Strong positive references from a number of people, most especially my massage therapist and my wife.

Your Results So Far and How Chiropractic Care has had an Effect in Your Life So Far

Diagnosis indicates that my back problems were severe, extensive and persistent. A series of treatments starting with 3 times per week was begun. I have completed almost 4 months if treatments and I now see Dr. Kurt 2 times per week.

Improvement, in my case, was slow starting but has been steady now for a about a month. I noticed reduction of the onset of what was almost constant pain, and less severe pain after on set. Muscle stiffness has recently decreased. Most of my problem starts in my lower back and then extends down my legs as I tire towards the end of the day. The leg pain has also dissipated but not disappeared.

Most important is the marked improvement of my spirits over all. My health has been a serious concern for over 2 years, but periods of depression have lessened significantly. I look forward to future improvements.

Howard King

How far?

How far can chiropractic care take you?

Why You Started Chiropractic Care in this Office

Severe low back pain that was not alleviated by my former chiropractor. Three treatments in a weeks time did nothing to make improvement. My friend me about network chiropractic and how it had greatly improved her life. She really raved about this work and Dr. Froese. I was in great pain and decided it was high time to try going to someone else

Your Results So Far and How Chiropractic Care has had an Effect in Your Life So Far

Miraculous! Amazing! I feel better than I’ve felt in years or maybe ever. My shoulders are back, my head is up-right, my hips are aligned and my whole skeleton feels like a unit again, working properly with the muscles.

I sweat more easily, have more energy and mostly have a sense of hope that I can do something with my life. Before, I felt so bad I didn’t feel able to get by, and even that minimal amount of a strain.

Now I feel great and know that each day I’m getting better and better. My organs are working now and my body will be able to heal itself.

Susan Gay Keillor

Why You Started Chiropractic Care in this Office

Neil was most likely correct when he told you that I would “never” consent to be adjusted. Although I scoffed for such a long time over my whole family’s “adjustments”, I am happy to say that I have seldom know “eating crow” to taste so sweet!

Your Results So Far and How Chiropractic Care has had an Effect in Your Life So Far

I was so very sick that in desperation I wondered if “an adjustment would help”. I am convinced that the adjustments increased both the effectiveness and speed of the necessary remaining doses of “medicine.”

Your effort on my behalf has been appreciated by my whole family for they could see both my strength and vitality returning after each adjustment. Thank you so much for your willingness and your commitment – it gave me hope when I was so discouraged. I believe your care was God’s answer to prayer!!

Thank you for lifting my spirits as well as speeding my physical recovery!!

Gloria South

Why You Started Chiropractic Care in this Office

Like too man others, as a last resort. I had seen several medical doctors including neurologists and a spine specialist who, with all their tests, had no answers for me.

Your Results So Far and How Chiropractic Care has had an Effect in Your Life So Far

This had been my first experience with chiropractic care and it’s been a positive one. I am proud to say I’m a “convert”. The benefits from chiropractic care have been immense for me. Until I started chiropractic care my health was on a downward spiral. I had lost ¼ of my upper body weight, my body was completely numb, sitting would cause leg weakness and I could not stand for longer then 15 minutes. Now, I am happy to say I can enjoy life again. My symptoms have improved tremendously. I whish I had pursued this treatment first, not last.

Colleen McClure

Update: I’m still making progress with each adjustment. My strength and flexibility continues to get better and I find myself doing things I haven’t done I years.

Anyone reading this, who may be starting out and has some hesitation, please don’t . I’ve often described to family and friends that before chiropractic care my body felt like a dried sponge and with each adjustment Dr. Kurt is placing a drop of water on the sponge allowing the sponge (my body) to expand and feel life again.

As well as the improvements in my physical symptoms chiropractic care has taught me the impact our life experiences and stresses can have on our nervous systems.

Colleen McClure

Why You Started Chiropractic Care in this Office

I was in the area and happened to look for yesterdays Record Eagle. It was in your office that a client of Dr. Kurt had one. All I wanted was the paper and in return I received an evaluation.

Your Results So Far and How Chiropractic Care has had an Effect in Your Life So Far

Well, to my surprise, my life was in a chaotic state! Mind, body and soul…, maybe not that much of surprise. I am so glad that I was persistent in looking for yesterday’s news that after my visit and care with Dr. Kurt and Dr. Laura it’s been nothing but a blessing. You see, I am a business owner that has more stress in life than one should have. I have been able to do take this and move it away from myself and have become much stronger in the long run. So much as changed and the things that have happened are just amazing. People are now more attentive and closer around me- as my circle of friends.

As my visits become regular, my work as a builder has grown by leaps and bounds. My visions in all things have been so clear that I’ve been able to move at a much faster pace. Many important decisions are made without second guessing. I’ve been able to read faster than ever before. I feel that I can do anything I set my mind to and, have been doing so the last few months. I can hardly believe the deals I make, the ones that are coming as well and how it’s all working out for the better of the company.

People around me I care about are somehow connected in one way or another. I have so much serendipity on an every day occurrence that I could write a book! Now if only Dr. Kurt could help me with my spelling! I’ve never been one for writing letters or, when asked to write a testimonial I’ve been reluctant to do so. But, then I thought about how much Dr. Kurt and Dr. Laura have helped me, and that they can also help anyone that fits my lifestyle. This is not a paid point of reference but a letter of sincere thanks!

Thanks so much for giving me back my life- as it should be-

Richard J. Oosting

Why You Started Chiropractic Care in this Office

The sincerity Dr. Kurt showed for the type of care he gives.

Your Results So Far and How Chiropractic Care has had an Effect in Your Life So Far

When I started care, I was in serious pain and had very limited movement. I was not sleeping well and was always in a bad mood. After working for 8 hours, when I would get home, I had no energy and would often fall asleep.

After my first couple of visits, I was able to sleep thru the night, was in a better mood and had more energy. Within a few weeks I was able to work 12 and 14 hours a day and still have energy to do work around the house and yard.

I have more patience with my children and more energy to play with them. The change in my physical and mental health is incredible and I don’t know what I would do without Dr. Kurt’s care.

Michael A. Burrick, Jr.

Why You Started Chiropractic Care in this Office

Christian was growing increasingly cranky. He also has a (MRI showed) larger than normal head with extra fluid around his brain. One of his eyes appeared larger and lower then the other and one cheek protruded forward.

Your Results So Far and How Chiropractic Care has had an Effect in Your Life So Far

We did not realize a baby’s back could be out of place.

Christian is a much calmer baby. The first time he was seen by Dr. Froese, he let out a very relaxed, large breath. His eyes are very even now and his cheek does not protrude. He used to get fussy after he was in his car seat for over 5 minutes and he no longer does that. He even appears to sleep better now, without as much tossing and turning.

Velinda Burrick

Why You Started Chiropractic Care in this Office

I have fibromyalgia and my acupuncturist told me to see Kurt. Best advice I ever had.

Your Results So Far and How Chiropractic Care has had an Effect in Your Life So Far

I am on medication for fibromyalgia, diabetes, blood pressure and allergies. When I started my first treatment I was miserable. After 7 or 8 treatments I felt much better. My blood pressure is normal and my allergies are nearly gone. My legs are so improved. I could never ride more than an hour at a time, now we go for 4-5 hours and I am fine. I just can’t say enough about this miracle. I am recommending Dr. Kurt to everyone.

Bette Brown

Why You Started Chiropractic Care in this Office

I was in crushing pain.

Your Results So Far and How Chiropractic Care has had an Effect in Your Life So Far

I was searching for a change in my life. Like many, I was harboring a deep, dark secret cache of pain. That pain served as the master filter for my emotional, physical and spiritual world. Dr. Kurt’s invitation to a more whole life came in the form of subtle, powerful adjustment and hearty reassurances. This was the kind hand I had been searching for, for many years.

Coming to Lighthouse has been, and continues to be, an experience. Whether I am flopping like a fish out of water or enjoying deep relaxing breaths, I am grateful to be on the table. I live bigger now. I pursue my dreams and stay focused more easily. I smile more and laugh longer. My conversations with friends are different now and we are better for that difference. I sit straighter, walk taller… I am much more comfortable I my own skin.

Jacqueline Wilson

Why You Started Chiropractic Care in this Office

I started care with Dr. Kurt because I felt stuck- physically and emotionally. I knew that in order to thrive, I needed to address the root cause of why I felt stuck.

Your Results So Far and How Chiropractic Care has had an Effect in Your Life So Far

My typical posture has been one of rounded shoulders. As my spine unwinds and decompresses, I can stand up straighter. Many people have asked me if I lost weight. “No, I’m just standing straighter.”
I have been taking voice lessons since September 2006. When I started to see Dr. Kurt in May 2007, my voice tone and overall sound improved. My neck muscles have started to loosen up- relieving pressure on the vocal chords when I sing. My singing is more relaxed that it was before. My vocal range also got higher as a result. I’m hitting notes I never thought I could reach.

I work as massage therapist. This past July and August were my busiest months ever. I truly believe that Dr. Kurt’s work helped my body handle the increased workload without burning out. I didn’t feel kike a truck ran over me, normally I would have.

I feel that with Network Chiropractic, each session builds on previous sessions. It is helping put my body back in motion to heal itself, obtain balance and cope with every day stressors with greater ease. I’m a work in progress, but I can’t wait to see just how great I can fell and be.

Ramona Pleva

Why You Started Chiropractic Care in this Office

Intense pain in mid back and hips and shoulders. Difficulty with breathing and closed sinus passages. Night clenching of teeth. In this office because of the gentle touch and my friends response to care.

Your Results So Far and How Chiropractic Care has had an Effect in Your Life So Far

I have been in treatment for five weeks. During this time there have been several shifts in the pain. Early on I realized the freedom of my breaths and the cleanness of my sinuses so I could lay flat. At present, the pain has been diminished considerably. However, it has gone through several shifts, which included more intense pain in new areas. With each release, I have experienced new freedom. I am walking with ease and the terse appearance in my face has softened. I have, during this time, returned to riding my bike and spading in the garden. Each day I spend an hour doing exercises to strengthen and stretch muscles, nerves and improve body alignment. These were not new to me, but are part of an overall program I have used for several years. However, the adjustments have begun to give my neck the freedom to rest naturally in alignment with the spine rather then protruding forward. Though I did exercise for this, it was this chiropractic care that has allowed for healing. For all of this and Dr. Kurt’s care, I am truly grateful.

Susan Morley

Why You Started Chiropractic Care in this Office

Realized how his lift shoulder was way higher on his left side than his right side from getting fitted for orthotics. Also had a very twisted looking lumbar area with no normal curvature of his spine.

Your Results So Far and How Chiropractic Care has had an Effect in Your Life So Far

I am very pleased at the amount of knowledge Drs. Kurt and Laura have on the human body and it’s functioning. Peter’s shoulders are straight, his lumbar area is getting better every week, and he has gained an amazing amount of confidence, which is showing in his demeanor, playing hockey and trumpet, and overall academics.

The hardest thing was for me to realize as a mom is that both my children have probably been injured by vaccinations. There have been neurological and muscular issues since I can remember, and also “wondered” why my kids couldn’t reach the potential I knew was in them. I am extremely thankful that Drs. Kurt and Laura came into out lives and opened out eyes as to how chiropractic can really and truly make a huge difference in a person’s well being, We look forward to continual changes in Peter and for our daughter getting evaluated and treated by this office.

Dianne Jurica for Peter Jurica

Why You Started Chiropractic Care in this Office

I was referred by the masseuse who was helping me recovering from a car accident that happened February 2003.

Your Results So Far and How Chiropractic Care has had an Effect in Your Life So Far

After a year of doctor’s visits, tests, 2 nerve blocks, acupuncture, massage and minimally 6-8 Motrin and Tylenol a day, I am pain free.

Dr. Kurt’s treatments have enabled me to eliminate all the medication for pain I was taking. I am sleeping better, have more energy and over all- feel like myself again.

Dori Jameson

Why You Started Chiropractic Care in this Office

I started care because I had a recommendation from a trusted friend. I had been in relentless pain for 2 years due to spinal fractures.

Your Results So Far and How Chiropractic Care has had an Effect in Your Life So Far

The pain relief after the first adjustment was nothing less than amazing!! The burning pain is my right back and hip area was gone! The rest of the back was much improved, not completely pain free, but tolerable. I no longer have to support myself with my left arm on the counter while doing dishes!

Each appointment has brought improvement. I’m looking forward to the day when I will be pan free! I feel so much more energized after an adjustment…. It’s wonderful to be able to look forward to getting up in the morning!

Fran Garrock

Why You Started Chiropractic Care in this Office

I was discouraged by how I felt and the amount of drugs I was on and a grim future of more drugs. A friend told me about Dr. Kurt – she heard he was a healer – not a prescriber of more medication.

Your Results So Far and How Chiropractic Care has had an Effect in Your Life So Far

My beginning goal was to only feel better and try to decrease some of the more toxic drugs I was taking. From January to April, I had undergone a colonoscopy, echo stress test, cardiolite stress test, 3 MRI’s, 2 CAT scans, a cerebral angiogram, spinal tap, invasive EMG, and more blood tests than I can count. When I first came to Dr. Kurt, I was still scheduled to see a neurologist and have a muscle biopsy. I was taking 13 different prescriptions a day with the doctors planning the addition of two more. I was in constant pain, was beginning to have a problem with short term memory and focusing, and looked and felt 68 instead of 48. The future didn’t hold much of a promise for change, until Dr. Kurt.

After the first adjustment or two I really did not feel a significant difference. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. The third adjustment was a different story. I felt very shaky inside and emotional, but I felt strong enough the next day to start decreasing some prescriptions. After two weeks or so, I realized I could honestly say – wow! I just went through three pain free “todays”- something I haven’t been able to say in 7 or 8 years. The next adjustment made me feel like I had the flu- I now know from Dr. Kurt that it was my body reacting to the releasing of toxins. That has happened more than once. I have now been able to discontinue four separate prescription medications without side effects. I feel calmer and have more movement in all of my joints. I at lease now have faith that my future can be something other than pain, drugs, and continuous doctor appointment. I attribute all of these wonderful changes to Dr. Kurt.

Becky Dixon

Why You Started Chiropractic Care in this Office

I have a severe back problem, my acupuncturist advised me to see Dr. Kurt.

Your Results So Far and How Chiropractic Care has had an Effect in Your Life So Far

I have been seeing him for 3 ½ months now. I have suffered with this for 12 years or more and really didn’t think he could do anything more than relieve the pain. I was not able to lay flat on my back. My knees wound not bend to be flat on the floor. After 8 treatments I could lay on my back or stomach and have the legs flat. The pain is gone. I feel like he has given me a new life. I really think he can fix anything! I would recommend him to anyone.

Merle Brown