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Significant Changes:

1.  Sleep 8 hours Straight without Pain Waking me Up (before it was 2-3 hours)

2.  Pleasant Dreams – No Nightmares

3.  Have Been on 6 Pain Pills Daily…Now, One lasts Longer, so I require LESS Daily.

4.  Renewed Interest in Life – Mood More Positive

5.  Feel Stronger Emotionally – Less Feelings of Depression, R/T Pain.

6.  Able to Do MORE in any Given Day.

7.  Regular Bowel Movements.

8.  Blood Pressure Staying in Normal Limits.

9.  Looking Forward to a Better Future.

10.  Seek Out Social Interactions, Rather than Staying Secluded (Enjoy Activities with Others)

Started Care 9/14 – 71 years Old – Margaret Marsh